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In Riga, travellers can admire the diverse architecture of the city, and especially the art nouveau buildings. Riga has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site, thanks to the collection of art nouveau buildings – one of the largest in the world – as well as a city in which the architecture of its entire history from 1201 to the present day is reflected. It is also valued as a city with a unique collection of wooden buildings in its central section.

Capital city of Latvia - RIGA


The cultural life in Riga is active. For example, the Dome Cathedral is renowned throughout the world for its acoustics and giant organ. It is worth attending one of the organ music concerts it offers. Various music festivals, from early music to opera and from jazz to rock, take place in Riga especially during the summer months. One can also visit a vast array of exciting museum exhibitions and contemporary art galleries in Riga.

Guided Tours

Riga City Walking tour with Guide

Everything’s within a walking distance Riga is a perfect choice for those who prefer walking. 
During the tour you will be introduced a brief history of Riga and you will be shown the ancient places of interest the first of which dating back to the 15th century . The Old Riga is a unique part of the city, which was included in the list of the UNESCO world’s cultural heritage. The Old Riga cobble stone picturesque streets you will see numerous places of cultural and historical importance.

Duration: 3 hours
Group: 1 to 20 pax
Guide’s service: 35 EUR per hour
Balsam degustation: 18 EUR per person


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Tour to Jurmala

The colours of the small, cozy city only seem brighter when you remember its close proximity to the Baltic Sea, and it is also only 25km from the capital of Latvia, Riga.
Jūrmala , a city of 56,000 inhabitants, is the biggest seaside resort in the Baltics The Baltic’s version of the French Riviera. Jurmala is unique
with 32 km long white sand beach, shallow coastal waters, curative mud and mineral waters, fresh and healthy maritime air, enriched by
centenary pines scent and beyond the beach Jurmala is also a township situated in a park like landscape with unique wooden architecture
which has been a distinctive trait of its urban architecture since the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century.

Duration: 4 to 6 hours
Group: 1 to 15 pax
Guide’s service: 35 EUR per hour
Transportation for up to 5 pax: 170 EUR
Transportation for 6-15 pax: 250 EUR

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Tour to Rundale Castle

You will spend a memorable day in the region of Zemgale , the “bread basket” of Latvia. Rundale Palace summer residence of the Duke of Courland Ernst Johan Biron, the most beautiful baroque architecture masterpiece in the Baltic’s. The Palace has been renovated and today you can see a number of halls decorated with the 18th century furniture, paintings and china. It is one of the few remaining places in Latvia, where the very essence of the 18th century may still be experienced. The Palace boasts a beautiful French style park

Duration: 6 hours
Group: 1 to 15 pax
Guide’s service: 35 EUR per hour
Entrance fee: 19 EUR per person
Transportation for up to 5 pax: 200 EUR
Transportation for 6-15 pax: 270 EUR

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Tour to Sigulda

Sigulda is where the nature lives in the town, and is an integral part of it. 
The cable car linking both banks of the River Gauja is not only an excellent viewing platform offering views over the historic castles and the valley, but also a real adrenaline bomb with its bungee jumping offers in the evenings.
Valley of the River Gauja in Sigulda accommodates the eldest tourism object in the Baltic States — Gutman’s Cave, which is the largest grotto cave in the Baltics with historic inscriptions on its walls dating back to the 17th century. 
Turaida Museum Reserve was erected in 1214 on the right bank of the River Gauja. It was one of the residences of the Archbishop of Riga. After a fire in 1776 the castle was not restored, but the romantic castle ruins caught the interest of travellers. Castle restoration was commenced in 1953 with the reconstruction of the castle tower.

Duration: 6 hours
Group: 1 to 15 pax
Guide’s service: 35 EUR per hour
Cable car: 12 EUR per person
Turaida Castle: 8 EUR per person
Transportation for up to 5 pax:
200 EUR
Transportation for 6-15 pax: 270 EUR

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Latvian (also Russian and English are widely spoken)


Local currency of Latvia is EURO

Time zone

UTC +2h (seasonal time shift apply)

Shops working hours

Mostly 9:00 to 18:00

Public transport

2 EUR single ride (from driver – most expensive)
we recommend e-ticket instead

Taxi in Riga

boarding from: 2 EUR, distance rate from 0.7 EUR/km
time rate from 0.15 EUR/min

Emergency phones

112 – Any emergency
110 – Police
112 – Firefighters
113 – Medics
114 – Gas

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