Login Information: Baltic Rheumatology Congress – 14 May 2021

Dear {name},

Thank you for registering to “Baltic Rheumatology Conference, which will take place on May 14th, 2021, starting at 13:00. Please find below your log-in details for the event:

Username: {email}
Password:  {password}

In order to access the event CLICK HERE or copy the following link: www.badv2022riga.org/live-session

You can also change your password anytime by hitting the button „reset password” on the log-in screen.

For any further information, please feel free to contact us at:
+40752168810  or  +40755123411 (English language) – also available on WhatsApp
+37124334006, Kristers.Rucis@btgroup.lv   (Latvian, English language) – also available on WhatsApp


  • In order to download your attendance certificate and claim your 8 CME credits, you have to attend all the sessions and complete an evaluation survey sent on your email address on Monday, May 17.
  • The event will remain recorded on the platform until June 18!
  • Don’t forget to check our sponsor virtual booths available at the live session window! To expand images – move you mouse to image. To view video materials in full screen – press play and double click on video.
  • If you want to ask sponsor a question related to their booth, please click “Ask Question” button. Please Log-in with the same username and password you received for conference platform.

Best wishes,
Organizing Committee

We want to thank our sponsors for their support!

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